Friday, September 14, 2012

Allen and Monica at Roswell Mill {Atlanta Engagement Photographer}

After a somewhat inauspicious beginning that had us huddling under foliage in a vain attempt to dodge the raindrops, Monica and Allen and I returned the next day and had a great time during their engagement session at Roswell Mill.  We're just easing into fall here in Georgia, which does NOT mean the heat is completely over.  Despite a bit of humidity these two had a glow all their own.  No matter how many times I see a couple in love it still amazes me to see the expression of a man when he's looking at his bride to be.  There's just nothing else like it.  

There were SO many good ones I decided to do two more from them on tomorrow's blog!

So cute!

Admission:  we did not bring these signs.  They were propped against a tree on the main trail, while the photographer to whom they belonged was down the slope on the rocks working with his couple.  They were nowhere to be seen, though, when we spotted these signs so we just HAD to pick them up for a quick photo!  (Thanks fellow photographer....whoever you are!)